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Desperate Wives Bingo

Desperate Wives Bingo, online since 2001, has been credited with providing over 1 million players an exceptional experience, selling over a billion bingo cards with more than ?500 million as prize money. The Desperate Wives Bingo network strives to match the players' expectations by leading the online gaming industry with original, cutting-edge products and by supplying a safe environment for the entire gaming community. Providing online gaming solutions to an extensive network of gamers worldwide, the span of services include operations, customer support, marketing and more.

The Desperate Wives Bingo is played in versions of 3 games. In the Desperate Lounge Bingo, players can participate from all over the world and play anytime. Unwind even as you play this automated game with other players and awesome chat leaders who are ready to become your friends! At Desperate Wives Bingo, more than just being a game, it's a community. With continuous promotions and chat games, Desperate Wives is always intriguing and rewarding. The game types consist of Desperate Lounge Bingo, Diamond Mine Bingo and the Garden Party Bingo. There are chat etiquettes enlisted in the site for your reference.

Whether you are seeking the best online gaming experience, or are keen in making a remunerative, long-term investment, look no further than Desperate Wives Bingo.

Desperate Lounge Bingo is the game room where players from all over the world gather, play and have fun. Win a fortune with this automated game as you chat with other players and chat leaders. Desperate Lounge Bingo is also an extensive online community, featuring constant promotions, chat games, and of course prizes.


Card Price - 15 pence
Top Games - Play everyday with massive jackpots and new games each day of the week.
Runner-Up & Consolation Prizes - You don't have to make it to bingo to win at DesperateWivesBingo.
Award Winning Chat Leaders - Available 24/7 a click away!
Chat Games - Exciting, unique, automated, & loads of free cash prizes to win.
Progressive Jackpot - Increases per game!
Casino Mini-Games - Slots, Video Poker, BlackJack, Keno, Pull Tabs and more.

Diamond Mine Bingo, with its Full House patterns, promise bigger jackpots and prizes for you to play big. The typical "Vegas feel is brought out here with insta promos, huge prize money and a chance to play with some of the game's most elite palyers.


Card Price - 25 Pence
Special Diamond Game - On the Half hour
Chat Leader - Available daily from 5am - 1am.
Runner-Up & Consolation Prizes - Given out to all!
Chat Games - Exclusive Diamond Mine games.
Progressive Jackpot - Increases with each game.
Casino Mini-Games - Exclusive Gems Slots, Keno, Pull Tabs and more.

Garden Party Bingo lets you brew yourself some tea, treat yourself to scones, jam and cream, and then sign in to the Garden Party. Get geared for all the fun with bingo buddies, and some of the friendliest chat leaders on Bingo Lane! Get a pew in your chaise, and prepare for a bingo tea party for a few hours of pleasure. Of course, all of this is coupled with the idea of gaining a few pounds.


Card Price - 5 & 10 pence
Max Card - With a 50 purchase, you have a great chance to win!
Chat Games - Exclusive Garden Party game schedule.
Chat Leader - Available from 9am-5pm.
Progressive Jackpot - Increases with every game and won frequently!
Runner-Up & Consolation Prizes - Given out to all players.
Casino Mini-Games - Exclusive Gems Slots, Keno, Pull Tabs and more.

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