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Deposition and Withdrawal As a frequent bingo player, you may rest assured that the sites registered under are secure with the deposits that you make. Your personal details or money are never risked. In case you need them, secure certificates are also available.

In order to make a deposit, you need to register with the site you have chosen. Log in with your id and password and play for free or for cash. Next, log in once more to ensure additional security. You can either play free online bingo, or cash bingo. The latter will require some money to be invested. Once the site verifies your deposit, get on with playing and winning jackpots. You can deposit anything between £10 and £1000.

Most of the sites accept credit and debit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Electron etc. However, there are other ways too in which you can make a deposit and fund your account. You can do that with Click2Pay, Neteller and FirePay. One of the newest and most secure ways of making a payment, Click2Pay makes online cash transfers, with same-day payments and instant cash transfers. The credit details are kept confidential. You can fund your account with Visa, Mastercard, EFT, ACH and Direct Debit. Click2Pay does away with the hassle of having to pre-fund your account. With each purchase, the precise amount is automatically deducted.

Neteller is more of an online wallet that allows users to deposit, take out and transfer funds. The debit card system of FirePay works like a deposit account, which stores the cash you require for playing.

The best part of online cash bingo is the withdrawal, which happens when you have accumulated a neat balance by winning a few jackpots which you want to take out. If you want to withdraw an amount after hitting a few jackpots, you can make a single withdrawal in a day. If you have struck an amount above £500 you should provide some form of document for identification to obtain the cash. This additional security check serves in keeping your hard earned winnings confidential. If you want to put the amount on your credit/debit card, use the one you have registered to the account. This further secures your prize.

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