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Bingo Rules A comprehensive online resource is available on the bingo rules of bingo gaming. Free cards and games are available online for new players. The types of Bingo that you can play are primarily two - 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. The main objective of any Bingo game is to complete the pattern on your Bingo card before anyone else. Most sites allow you to purchase 3 or 4 cards. If you have bought many cards, some of the sites help you mark them. The cards are divided into numbered and blank squares. If you purchase a sequence of cards, you will find the numbers somewhere on the strip.

The pattern you are playing in any game is indicated on the screen for you to know if it has changed from the last game. While some are easy to complete, others are fairly tough. Mark your numbers with a 'dabber', or personalize them with an automatic option. The standard patterns are horizontal, vertical or diagonal or a full house.

A caller or a display board shows all the numbers as they are called for you to double check if you miss one. Numbers are called out sometimes betweens 10 seconds, so it can be easy to miss. Bingo numbers are called until a player wins, then the game stops right away. The persons numbers are verified and they are given the prize. The prizes depend on the site you are on. Check the value of the prize before purchasing your cards.

There are a number of additional bingo side games, which are also known as chat room games. Here you can win cash prizes, free games or a vacation! Check with the side game options of each site before you start.

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