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Online pokerSometimes you want your opponents to bet big and other times you want them to fold. When you think you have the best hand for a round you want to make your opponents bet as much as possible because in the end these are the chips you are going to win. The best way of doing this is to play hands right through from the flop to the river. The more betting rounds your opponents bet in generally means the more they end up putting in overall. Stringing out the bets and continually having them add more and more to the pot is a great way to extract the most chips out of them.
If you pull a great pocket pair, just simply going all in may not be the best option. More often then not everyone else will just fold and you will pick up the blinds. But you want to extract more the this. In this situation playing a bit more passively could pay off. Keeping at least one opponent in right from the deal to the river will allow him to continually bet more and more. Poking and prodding with smaller, or average, bets will prompt him to do this. Your trying to keep him confident so he bets more not scare him off.
Extracting the most chips out of every hand is a must in any Texas Hold Em Tournament Strategy. The best way to do this is when you have the best hand of the round and you are confident you are going to win. Instead of scaring the other players off and picking up the blind, try to lull them into a false sense of security and have them bet more and more right through from the flop to the river. By the end of it the pot will be nice and juicy.

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